Creators Broadcasting Network

Creators Broadcasting Network

Creators Broadcasting Network is a podcasting network. I designed and implemented the network's website,

The Client

The client for Creators Broadcasting was initially my supervisor at Creators, Jack Newcombe. We planned the podcasting network to be a separate venture, not tied to Creators. Eventually, an opportunity arose to bring the podcasting network into the Creators family, and we jumped on it.

My Role

I designed and built the Creators Broadcasting website. In addition, I edit and mix the shows that appear on the site.

Technology Used is written in PHP with a MySQL database. The site uses the CodeIgniter framework, as do all of the other Creators projects I developed. The site runs on an nginx webserver with a MySQL backend.

About the Code

The front-end section of the site is fairly straight-forward, code-wise. There's standard episode and person description pages, a lot of cross-linking between pages to encourage exploration of the site, and a robust RSS feed controller used to post our shows to podcast directories like iTunes.

The code that posts shows is powered by an XML document format I designed specifically for these podcasts. Through use of the XML document, tasks like creating new episodes, hosts, images and tags are all automated. I designed the XML format with the goal of eventually creating a graphical front-end client to post podcasts. was my first forray into using Amazon's S3 storage cloud. All of the episodes on Creators Broadcasting are hosted on S3, as well as the interviewee images included with some shows.