Alpha Comedy

Alpha Comedy

Alpha Comedy is a comedy website launched by Creators in 2012. The site's purpose is to showcase Creators' comic selection in a clean interface, as well as to cultivate a community focused on comedy.

The Client

Alpha Comedy was written for Creators between June of 2011 and July of 2012. Development began in 2011 and the release version of the site was launched on July 1, 2012.

My Role

I was the sole developer for most of the development cycle of Alpha Comedy (hence the long cycle)

Technology Used

Alpha Comedy is written in PHP using the CodeIgniter framework. The database is MySQL, and the front-end is HTML5 and jQuery.

The site is hosted on a virtual private server running CentOS and nginx. The database is hosted on Creators' central database server, and static files are hosted on Amazon's S3 cloud.

About the Code

Alpha Comedy was designed to be easily expandable to allow for the adding of new content groups as the site grows in popularity. To facilitate this, the database was designed using inheritance for many key components. For example, the comic table inherits most of it's attributes from the media table, which is also extended by the video table.

The site is also modularized by default. CodeIgniter does a fantastic job of enforcing the MVC framework and keeping related code together and unrelated code separate.