Coronavirus Baseball

Coronavirus Baseball

Coronavirus Baseball is a site I built when the 2020 MLB season was postponed indefinitely. I am a big baseball fan and I wanted a way to watch old games while we all waited for live baseball to return.

The Client

I was the client, along with baseball fans from Reddit.

My Role

I developed the site, scraped the videos, and maintain the service.

Technology Used

The website is a static site generated by Jekyll. The site uses Javascript to interact with the API. The API is written in Python. The entire stack is deployed on AWS, using an EC2 to host the site and Labmda to host the API (behind API Gateway), with DynamoDB as the data store.

About the Code

I designed the site to be scalable from the start. I planned to post the site on Reddit's r/baseball and was planning for a large traffic spike. The API and data store are serverless, running on Lambda and DynamoDB, so scale there is not a problem. The site itself is a stateless static site, so it could easily be deployed on multiple EC2s and placed behind a load balancer.

Source Code

Repos for the API, Web microservices, as well as the Terraform and Ansible scripts to set up the infrastructure.