Creators CMS

Creators CMS

As I created multiple Creators content sites, I realized there was a great need for one central system to control all of the content across all brands. The Creators CMS is what I built from the ground-up to control it all.

The Client

Creators employees were the client I had in mind when developing this project. A lot of the functionality and automated systems built in to the CMS project were requested by my users in several rounds of discussions we had about the project before building it.

My Role

I played all of the roles in this project. I defined its functionality, designed the database schemes and built the front-end.

Technology Used

Like most of my Creators projects, the CMS is built on PHP with a MySQL backend. It uses a heavily customized CodeIgniter framework with extensive modeling.

About the Code

My blood, sweat and tears went into this code. It is the project I am most proud of from my years of working at Creators. Many of my co-workers have thanked me for developing this tool and replacing some of the horribly inefficient backends we were working with years ago.