Creators Reviews

Creators Reviews

This reviews app is designed to make the process of submitting and processing inter-office reviews easier and more efficient.

The Client

Jack Newcombe, Creators' president, asked me to come up with a simple web page to allow users to send in their 360 reviews. I built a one-page web application that eventually grew into this app.

My Role

I designed and built the site

Technology Used

The site is powered by our CMS's REST API, accessed through a minimal PHP AJAX interface. The real meat of the application runs client-side in Javascript.

About the Code

I wanted the original site to be a single-page experience. The user is prompted to log in with their CMS credentials, then they're given a list of reviews they have to complete, which they can open, edit and submit. The app eventually grew to include another type of review, which caused the site to be split into two branches.