RTP @ CSULB was my final project for Web Development class, CECS 470. The site displays pseudo-real-time parking lot status through a dynamically updated map, or through a simple list when viewed on a mobile device.

A working demo of the site is available here.

The Client

The site was developed for Alvaro Monge's CECS 470 class in the Fall semester of 2011. The exact requirements for the project can be found here (local mirror of original project description.)

My Role

This project was performed in a group of four. We all tried to do equal amounts of work on the project to ensure both good grades and fair work loads.

I was the main PHP developer for this project. Having the most experience with PHP, I fell into that position naturally. My group-mates worked on the CSS, JS and HTML portions of the code, as well as some of the PHP.

Exact breakdowns of who did what can be found on the about page

Technology Used

The site is powered by PHP, the front-end code is HTML5-compliant, and jQuery was used for JavaScript.

The site was developed on CSULB's student web servers, and has since been migrated to my personal server. Both run PHP and MySQL; CSULB's server runs an Apache front-end, mine runs Nginx.

About the Code

We used a very lightweight custom framework for this project, including the Smarty template engine and PHP's PDO database abstraction class.

The code was developed collaboratively, with most of our coding time taking place in a group in the CS labs.

Source Code

Complete source of final version of RTP @ CSULB.