Server Status Page

Server Status Page

This is a single-page, independently hosted web page that displays the health of my web server and the IRC network of which I am an operator. It uses AJAX requests to ping each tracked domain and displays the status of each node of the network.

The Client

I am one of the hosts of an IRC network myself and some friends use to talk. Since no server has 100% uptime, I built this page to communicate with IRC users and staff during network and server downtime.

My Role

I built the app, which is a redesigned and updated version of another app I ran on another host for years. This one is much prettier thanks to Bootstrap.

Technology Used

The backend of the app runs PHP and PostgreSQL, front end is Bootstrap and jQuery. The whole app lives on Heroku and is included on a custom subdomain using a static HTML file on S3 and a Route 53 static website config.

About the Code

Really simple app that runs pings in a PHP AJAX script that gets called by jQuery on load. User and post details are stored in PostgreSQL because that's the Heroku way.