Creators GET

Creators GET

GET is a download site developed for paying Creators customers. Users can log in and download their syndicated content. The site also provides a basic API for users to automate downloads and build applications with our content.

The Client

Creators is the client for this project. This site was developed to better integrate with the custom built Creators CMS. It replaced a 10-year-old download system that was impossible to maintain. The GET site introduces a lot of features the old download site did not have, including RSS feeds, a programming API, and a download cart.

My Role

I developed and designed GET. I also named it, and I think it's kinda clever.

Technology Used

GET is built on CodeIgniter in PHP with a MySQL backend. The front-end is built on Bootstrap using the Admin Bootstrap Theme by Vincent Gabriel:

About the Code

The code for GET is based largely on the structure of the content database powering it. It is focused on being easy to navigate, search, and use efficiently. We utilized 4 years worth of complaints about the old download site when designing the new one.

The feature I am most proud of, and I think will help bring Creators to the forefront of syndicate technology, is the programming API.

Source Code

Open source Python library to interface with the GET API